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"I never reached this level of confidence with my first daughter and I'm so appreciative!!  All of your little tips and tricks, as well as notes about baby's cues, have gone a long way to keep me working with the latch.  I can't thank you enough!!"


Holliston, MA

"Well I think you have been a wonderful and knowledgeable resource."


Westborough, MA

"Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for helping us to get off the nipple shield and to exclusively breastfeed."


Arlington, MA

"It was a very challenging time, when I came home from the hospital, and you were there immediately with the perfect advice and help I needed.  I am so thankful for your assistance!  To this day I think back on the day you came to my house and helped get me on the path I wanted to be on as a new Mom!  I cannot thank you enough for your support and great advice!  O and I are now doing fantastic and I have you to thank for it."


Ashland, MA

"Ollie has come a long way since birth, and I really appreciate all your support in this process.  You relieved our anxiety, encouraged breastfeeding (we are still exclusively breastfeeding!), and helped us find some stability in the transition from the NICU to home."


Somerville, MA

"Thank you doesn't say enough.  You're amazing!"


Westborough, MA

"Heather was very helpful when I became a mom.  She's extremely knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and comforting.  I was concerned because one of the doctors mentioned that my son should have been gaining more weight within days after his birth.  My son was 8lbs 10oz at birth and it's normal for them to lose some weight during the first few days.  Heather evaluated both the baby and I and reassured us that we were doing everything we should be.  She offered breastfeeding tips that were very beneficial.  After consulting with her, my mind was put at ease.  I highly recommend her!"


Brookfield, CT

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